There Oughta Be A Law


#ThereOughtToBeALaw is an Equal Rights initiative of the Stonewall Democratic Club of Southern Nevada under the club’s Outreach Committee.

Mission of #ThereOughtToBeALaw Campaign

Raise awareness of the need to correct the Nevada State Constitution and amend it to state that marriage will not be denied on the basis of sexual or gender identity.

Marriage Equality, LGBTQ Civil Rights, and Human Rights are under attack by the United States Government and some State Governments.
It’s all hands on deck for this election, there’s a lot hanging in the balance for the LGBT community. From attacks on the legitimacy of our marriages to government sponsored discrimination in healthcare and public accommodation based on religious beliefs. There’s big money behind these efforts to disenfranchise us and Nevada is a main battleground state. We need to act. No one else will do it for us.
That's what we mean when we say #ThereOughtaBeALaw
The Nevada State Constitution still states that marriage is between a man and a woman.
If something goes wrong and the U.S. Supreme Court decision that recognized our equal rights is overturned, then the fate of our marriages will likely fallback under State Law determine.
It takes 5 years to amend the Nevada State Constitution, we're on our way but need your help to finish the job.
State Assemblyman Nelson Araujo introduced and passed Assembly Joint Resolution 2 in the 2017 legislative session, that's Step 1.
The bill needs to be introduced again in 2019 and passed through the State Assembly and the State Senate, Step 2.
Next the bill goes on the 2020 ballot for Nevadans to vote on, so we need to get out the vote and make sure that passes, the final Step

It should be noted that Asssemblyman Araujo is running for Secretary of State.
Therefore, we need to lobby and make sure that this does not lose momentum then fall by the way-side.

As an Equal Rights Initiative, #ThereOughtToBeALaw welcomes the support of all Nevada Citizens and Nevada Businesses regardless of Political or Non-Partisan Affiliations, Ethnicity, Religious Beliefs, Sexual Identity, or Gender Identity.

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